1. The following conditions apply to all offers and conclusion of contracts with the company Orgelbau Stüber
Berlin (hereinafter "Contractor"). General Terms and Conditions and/or Purchase Terms of the Principal shall
not be valid so long as the Contractor has not explicitly recognized them.
2a. The Contractor indemnifies the Principal during the statutory warranty period. Any defects during the warranty
period shall, however, be corrected by the Contractor at the Contractor's own expense and choice. If the
corrective measures fail, the right of conversion (cancellation of the purchase agreement) of the customer,
according to their express wish, is reinstated. Operational errors and cleaning work are not covered by the
2b. Additionally, the Contractor grants the original purchaser a 10-year material warranty from the date of sale
for the instruments. In regards to the material warranty, the repair shall be carried out without any material or
replacement part calculations.
3. All work on the product shall be performed only with the express permission of the Contractor. If changes
are made to the product, return of the product is then precluded.
4. Claims for damages or reduction are excluded.
5. Insofar as goods for musical organs are concerned, these must be stored at a relative humidity above 50%!
Tuning and intonation are done through sophisticated quality management. Due their specific features, any
warranty concerning the aforementioned must be excluded.
6. All transportation, including any returns, is done at the expense of the Principal. Returns due to incorrect
delivery are excluded. Packaging are non-returnable.
7. For goods sold and services rendered, advanced payments may be arranged. Delivery of stored goods shall
be made within three (3) days after receipt of payment or by agreement. At the time of performance, an applicable
value added tax (VAT) of 19% for deliveries within the EU is applied. No VAT tax is applied for deliveries
outside of the EU.
8. An interest rate of 11% per annum shall be assessed for all late payments.
9. Delivered goods shall remain the inalienable property of the Contractor until the final payment has been
made in full.
10. All information on dimensions and weights is given to the best of the Contractor’s knowledge. There may
be slight variations due to technical changes of the instruments.
11. Due to the specific features of a barrel organ, there may be deviations in the memory strips for well-known
melodies. They do not represent deficiencies/defects. Goods that are returned for this reason will be accepted
only with prior agreement and with complete takeover of all shipping costs by the Principal.
12. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall exclusively apply for all contracts concluded with the
13. Place of performance and jurisdiction: Berlin
14. Should one or more of these conditions be wholly or partially invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions/
conditions shall not be affected.
Berlin 15/10/2014