street organ 31 notes

street organ 31 notes

Our 31 notes barrel organs are playable with all the 31 notes roll music, which on the market today are commonplace. We provide you with a repertoire of more than 200 different roles:
31er Musikrollen

Konzert 31er

Concert 31 Inlay

This organ has 3 Stops, consisting of 16 Pan Pipes und 16 Violin pipes which by means of the stop knobs can be alternated with 16 Octave flutes. 20 gedackt pipes complete the compass, and the bottom 5 notes are doubled at the octave below, giving solidity und richness to the sound.

The casework of this model is richly decorated with marquetry on all four sides. In addition, the organ case has inlaid stringing, and it also features the solid brass corners of the traditional instruments of the past.

Bottom note c / dimensions 58/40/69 cm - 23,5 kg

Violinoflute 31

Dave Saes in Aktion
Dave Saes in Aktion

Violinoflute compound has a very deep, quiet sound. 5 double bass pipes radiates it with maturity and size.
In the melody: Panflöte 8' / Schwebung 8' / Violine 8' / Octave 4' all switchable.
buttom note: G Maße 65/42/70 cm ... 34,0 kg

Trompete 31

16 x 8´Pan Pipes/Zauberflöte (Permanent)

16 x 8´ stopped flute „en celeste“ (tremulant)

16 x 8´ Violins

16 x 4´ flutes (octave)

16 x 8´ Trumpets

20 x 8´ stopped flutes, melody, accompaniment and bass (5 doubled bass flutes)

Bottom note B

dimensions 62/ 43,5/69,5 cm - 33,8 kg

Violinopan 31 (52 Pfeifen)
Violinopan 31 (52 Pfeifen)

Our organs are practically free of wear and tear, and require little in the way of maintenance, apart of course from occasional tuning.

Should any repair be required, then that can easily be done by a quailfied organbuilder,
who will need no special tools.

However, all Stuber Organs are guarenteed, and provided that the Instrument has not been ignorantly tampered with, we will repair any fault in our factory. The cost of carriage to and from the factory to be borne by the Customer.