Repair drive belt - self service

Repair drive belt
You can order round belts for barrel organs by the meter from us.
Vulcanizable round belt can be installed without dismantling shafts, etc. It's best to practice vulcanizing outside of the instrument.
New belt is cut to the length of the old belt.
Thread the open belt ends around the axles without already placing the belt on the pulleys.
Heat both cut surfaces of the round belt with an iron (highest setting) or soldering iron.
As soon as the material begins to melt, press both cutting surfaces together.
WAIT. The belt only becomes resilient after minutes.
Place belts on pulleys. Excess material can then be trimmed off with a very sharp blade.

Unfortunately, all drive belts age and lose the necessary adhesion (surface adhesion).
To extend the usage time a little, you can shorten the straps. So a short section has to be cut out and both ends have to be reconnected.

Belt melting / squeeze together